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"The thing that stood out was that Kick Consulting saw the possibilities as opposed to the limitations.


I think what Kick does really well: what they offer, they deliver"

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Digital Transformation & Systematisation

At Kick, as a expert we assist professional service businesses to become agile, streamlined and scalable through systematisation, automation and digital transformation.

Our Preferred Tools

Our preferred tools of choice are and Make.


With those tools, you can automate 99% of your business processes, freeing up a tremendous amount of time and eliminating inconsistencies.


We are a expert and partner.

Have our consultant set up your process for you today!

We Are A Expert

Our Services Expert | Australia

Business Optimisation & Technology Integration expert Expert | Australia training

With over 15 years of experience in management, process improvement, automation, quality assurance, risk and governance, we understand businesses from all angles! At Kick, we work with companies all over the globe to optimise their business, including but not limited to Europe, USA and Australasia.


Let's Work Together

As a visionary entrepreneur, your business is going through a rapid expansion phase.


You need to increase transparency and efficiency, but you don't have time to research and implement the solutions properly.

In particular, you want to be efficient in the way your business operates.


You desire to excel at what you do and make a difference in your client's lives, as well as pride yourself on the quality of your work. 

Book our Complimentary 60-minute Efficiency Assessment Session!

We will help you evaluate where your bottlenecks are and how to tackle them!

As a                        expert, we assess the gaps in your business productivity.

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Who We've Worked With

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Next level Livestock Camps
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Tulsa Realtors
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Upcoming Events

Register for one or several or our upcoming free events.

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What They Say

Gareth Hall

CEO of Lifestyle Financial Services & Domane Financial Advisers

Elena is such a talented person, she is great at whatever she turns her hand to. She was running the Domane Financial Adviser business and did a fantastic job for us.

CEO Who Used Us As A Expert | Australia
Victoria Used us as a Expert | Australia

Victoria Eastburn

Intuitive life-coach - Visionary Healing Consulting

I would highly recommend Elena to anyone wanting to work with someone who is professional, integral and efficient.  She really listened to my needs and the direction of my business. Where I was not clear she creatively brought forth the best options suitable for me and what I am wanting to achieve. A real asset to my business.


Patrick Martinez

Founder - Five Stone Solutions

Elena and the Kick Consulting team are an amazing partner of ours. Many consultants know the software and what it can do, but the Kick team is a rare breed of specialists that also have a deep understanding of business practices and operations; regardless of industry. They will quickly get to your core needs and carefully walk you through the various options and workflows so you can make informed decisions. If you have been looking for a expert, look no further!


More Client Testimonials

Sue McCarthy

Sue McCarthy
Co-Founder - Take Me Digital Ltd.


We have been working with Kick Consulting over the last 6 months to streamline our platform & process. We have been extremely satisfied with the outcome so far & look forward to working together on more projects. I can highly recommend Kick Consulting!

Gilbert Sayegh

Gilbert Sayegh
Director - Perfect Square Design

Gilbert Sayegh - Perfect Square Design.p

Absolutely loved what Elena put together for my firm Perfect Square Design.

Great brainstorming sessions and solid results

Steven Carroll

Steven Carroll
CEO of HomeLoop

Steven Carroll - HomeLoop.png

Starting up a business from nothing is exciting but daunting. Thankfully we found Elena who has been amazing at setting up processes for us through the platform monday. Elena's guidance has helped us leap ahead with our planning and organization. What I particularly like is Elena's ideas and suggestions. She certainly strives to go that extra mile. Highly recommend


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