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About Us

Recognizing the transitional phase where a business grows to the point of requiring management but not yet full-time, we are here to optimize your business efficiently! As a business owner, we understand your time constraints and the challenge of implementing strategies amidst numerous responsibilities. Our role is to ease your workload, assisting in executing your business vision and strategy. Embracing the belief that technology holds the key, we strive to leverage its potential for your business advancement.

Meet Our Team

We help you do what you love

Kick Consulting was created to help successful entrepreneurs focus on growing their business instead of getting stuck managing it. 

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The Kickers

Join Us

And become part of our success story !

We're a Fun Team

We're positive you'll love our team. We select our candidates carefully to make sure they're not only capable, but that they fit our culture as well!

You're fully remote

Work from anywhere in the world. We're fully remote so you can choose to work from home, the cafe or a beach! As long as you get the job done.

With Flexible Hours

We're not your average 9-5. We're flexible with your hours, so our roles are perfectly suited for someone looking for more flexibility and having a side project.

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