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Who We Are
We Help You Do More of What You Love!

Kick Consulting was created to help successful entrepreneurs focus on growing their business instead of getting stuck managing it. 

We understand there is a transitional stage, where the business gets big enough to need a manager, but not big enough to need one full time!


We are here to optimise your business for you!

We know, as the business owner you don’t have time to implement the strategies and all the brilliant ideas you have because you are trying to juggle too much already. This is where we come in and take some of those duties away and help you implement the vision and strategy you have for the business.


We believe technology is the answer.


With over 15 years of experience in business management and optimisation, we've seen enough proof of that.

Elena Korolkova Kick Consulting Founder
Elena Korolkova
Business Optimisation & Digital Transformations Specialist | Expert

Elena is the one that makes the world spin at Kick. 


During her consulting days in financial planning companies, Elena found many companies needed a hand integrating technologies into their business and didn't have time to do so. 


This inspired her to start Kick Consulting, where she could help successful entrepreneurs get access to an experienced, well rounded and knowledgeable Business Optimisation Project Manager on the terms they need and for a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff.


Elena has an entrepreneurial spirit and is an innovator at heart who loves technology and embraces new trends. She spent the last 15 years managing businesses of all sizes, implementing new technology, optimizing processes and making the change stick.

Elena is a Expert and Partner and loves working with businesses helping them optimise their experience.

Joy Specialist 

Joy joined Kick Consulting in August 2020. 

Joy is a Filipino native who left her 7-year corporate job to become a Consultant. She now collaborates remotely with business owners from all around the world using her creativity, time management, problem-solving, and analytical skills to help entrepreneurs reduce cost by implementing powerful business management tools.


In her time aside from working, you’ll find her going on road trips with her fiancé, chilling out with some good music, watching Netflix series, reading blogs, cuddling her dog, and grabbing coffee at her favourite cafés.


Kirrily started working with Kick Consulting in February 2021 as a virtual assistant, she comes with over 15 years of global executive assistant experience.


She started her own VA business after working in the corporate world for 20 plus years in Australia and Hong Kong.


Kirrily loves the flexibility her role gives and enjoys working with a wide range of businesses. At Kick, she supports the whole team in different parts of the business allowing it all to run smoothly.


On the weekends Kirrily enjoys supporting her 3 children at their desired sport and spending quality time with her family.


Shilpa is very passionate about integrating systems using API. She started working with Kick Consulting in September 2020.

While working in corporate she stumbled upon an automation use case that was outsourced and costing the company every day to use it. Using API she solved the automation and realised this "puzzle" solving is something she enjoys and wants to do for a long time. And since began a journey of helping businesses streamline their workflow so that they focus on the actual work vs knowing what is where.

Project Management (Trello,, Sales pipeline (Pipedrive), Invoicing(QuickBooks/Xero), Marketing(Facebook Ads, Google Adwords), Course learning (Thinkific),G Suite (Gmail, Drive, Sheets), Forms (Typeform, Process Street) are a few of the systems she has worked with for automating business workflows.

With an ability to easily comprehend API documentation, she can bring a project together from scope analysis to execution.

When she isn't solving 'puzzles', Shilpa spends her time with her family and outdoors going on hikes.

Project Manager & Agile Transformation Consultant

Eni joined Kick Consulting in February/March 2021. Eni is a Hungarian native who grew up in Switzerland and brings a 12-year experience as an IT-Engineer.

While she was working the last 7 years for a swiss corporate company, she has developed her passion for leading and transforming teams and organisations to agile ways of working.

She is continuing her journey as a Freelancer and collaborates remotely with Individuals, Start-up and Corporate Companies around the world. She is using her facilitator, coaching, and excellent communication skills to help customers to reach their personal and business objectives as well as their transformation and project goals.


You will find Eni most of her free time underwater, where she is teaching and introducing other people to the wonderful underwater world as a Scuba Instructor.


Joe joined Kick consulting early 2021 and became an integral part of the team. Joe looks after Kicks’ website and all digital communications.

For the previous 5 years, Joe was an integral part of a fast-growing, Australian-based startup that operated in the travel industry. However, Covid-19 forced him to consider other options in his career and since then he's been expanding his skills in customer relationship management, digital marketing, UI/UX, copywriting, and website development. He's currently expanding his brand, working with customers from all over the world to improve their businesses and websites.

When he's not working he spends his time studying for a Masters degree in Business Management and enjoys reading, working out, or most recently playing the guitar. Joe currently lives in the Philippines, with his partner.