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elevate your services to new heights with us.

Unlock seamless operations and boost constituent satisfaction by revolutionizing your outreach through's cutting-edge workflow automations.

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Construction Project Management


Taking a look at our custom built CRM and workflow solution built specifically for the construction industry.

Included in your solution:

Our Mindset


Cost-Effective Construction Solutions: Our services are strategically designed to offer affordability while maximizing impact within the construction industry. Flexible pricing structures cater to the specific budgetary considerations of construction projects, ensuring resources are efficiently allocated to support their objectives.

Promote Enhanced Collaboration: Incorporating's integrations within the construction sector fosters improved connectivity, centralizes data management, and streamlines operations. This cultivates heightened collaboration among team members, empowers data-informed decision-making, and ultimately enhances overall productivity—essential elements for successfully executing impactful construction initiatives.

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Optimize Operations: Our services are strategically crafted to streamline your operations, enhancing efficiency and enabling a sharper focus on core objectives. We offer tools and solutions that liberate valuable time and resources, empowering construction organizations to make a more significant impact on their projects and initiatives.

Our Mindset

We're your experts

As your trusted allies in the nonprofit sector, we are dedicated to assisting you in unlocking the full potential of In the ever-changing landscape of nonprofits, we strongly endorse the value of specialization. Given the rapid evolution of challenges in this sector, immersing yourself in a network of experts who excel in their respective fields is crucial. Rather than attempting to be a master of all trades, consider collaborating with specialists who can navigate the intricate landscape of nonprofit technology and empower your endeavors in the nonprofit space.

With our Construction Solutions we can:

  • Empower team collaboration and transparency.

  • Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

  • Automate client and team communication.

  • Help you keep track of project progress.

  • Create customized and automated workflows.


Prestige Building Removals (PBR) is a transport company from the North Island of New Zealand they transport houses new and old, all around the North Island. PBR was using for over four years, but things were getting pretty inefficient with all the manual handling of emails, documents, and job packs. Read more

We know, as the business owner you don’t have time to implement the strategies and all the brilliant ideas you have because you are trying to juggle too much already.

This is where we come in and take some of those duties away and help you implement the vision and strategy you have for the business.


We believe technology is the answer, and we are here to optimise your business for you!

Steven Caroll

Chief Executive Office,

Starting up a business from nothing is exciting but daunting. Thankfully we found Elena who has been amazing at setting up processes for us through the platform monday. Elena's guidance has helped us leap ahead with our planning and organization. What I particularly like is Elena's ideas and suggestions. She certainly strives to go that extra mile. Highly recommend

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