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Subitems of Subitems in

Does managing complex projects feel like a puzzle with missing pieces? Does your current project structure fall short when handling detailed tasks?

You might have come across to from another project management software, only to find that you can't create multiple layers of subitems. You love for it's ease of use, visual reports and the amazing UX, but this one, seemingly small missing piece, threatens to derail your plans.

Kick Consulting brings you a way to make your project management more streamlined and efficient through the Unlimited Subitems app by Adaptavist.

The Challenges of Traditional Subitem Handling

You know the drill:

  1. Client Requirement (Item): The overarching goal or project.

  2. Individual Tasks (Subitems): Smaller parts that contribute to fulfilling the requirement.

  3. Smaller Tasks within Tasks: Often assigned to different people, these are the details that make up individual tasks.

The traditional subitem structure is limited, causing difficulties for businesses like construction companies with over 200 projects and multiple brands. Even with grouping for brands and using subitems for phases, it's not enough. What about the individual tasks as subtasks or (sub)subitems? Existing workarounds like checklists in updates lack functionality and flexibility.

Sound familiar?

Unlock the Power of Unlimited Subitems

With the Unlimited Subitems app, extends its native subitem hierarchy, letting you add as many levels of subitems as you need.

Accurately Reflect Your Project:

Large projects often need tracking at many levels. Now you can structure your tasks in their correct hierarchy with extra sub-levels. It's time to mirror your real-world projects within

Track Complex Components:

Project components often have more than one part. Break down any subtask into child components, so you can manage the status, timing, and team members working on each individual part. Don't settle for clumsy checklists; do it the right way.

See Everything at a Glance:

Get a clear and simple overview of your extended board hierarchy to identify specific problem areas, understand project component timings, and determine who's working on what.

No More Workarounds:

Tired of using checklists on subitems to reflect multiple subitem deliverables? With Unlimited Subitems, capture and track all the information you need. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies and hello to a new way of organising your work.

Real Voices, Real Solutions

Managers have been calling for this. Here's why:

  • Efficiency: "I now have a checklist in an update, but when that's completed, I can't use an automate to set some status or create a new subitem. Multilevel subitems would solve my issue."

  • Flexibility: "Having a deep hierarchy of subtasks allows for easier documentation, elaboration, and planning of complicated tasks. It is frustrating not to have that option."

Enhance your project management with the ability to create subitems of subitems in

Kick Consulting, as a silver partner, can assist you in leveraging this powerful tool. Whether you're a construction company juggling multiple brands or a digital marketing agency looking to optimise your workflow, the Unlimited Subitems app is designed to fill this gap.

Ready to transform the way you organise complex projects? Don't wait to explore this solution that solves the question "Can I have subitems of subitems in". Contact Kick Consulting today and redefine the boundaries of what's possible with


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