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Elena Korolkova Kick Consulting Founder

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Announcing The Top 8 Apps To Use With

Yes, you can quickly and simply integrate hundreds of Apps within

Here are the Top 8 time-saving, collaboration-boosting, efficiency Apps, which you can connect together inside with ease.

Its superpower is in its ability to create visual displays of your team's work.

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The Top 8 Apps clients love to use with are…

1. Miro

If you are searching for ways to help your team collaborate more effectively? Miro helps bring your team's ideas together into one place. Its superpower is in its ability to create visual displays of your team's work. Miro is particularly effective during brainstorming sessions online, where it allows you to visually capture the progress of your projects. A powerful online whiteboard for remote teams, it is trusted by over 20 million users globally. Regularly used by 95% of Fortune 100 companies in the US. Setting up is easy, allowing your team to simply jump straight into collaborating. With everything connected inside

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2. AutoID Column

The Auto ID Column is a time-saving App that can dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes you make when entering large amounts of data. A handy, time-saving efficiency tool. It lets you configure automatic increment IDs, with a preceding text, and then a starting number. Make sure a minimum number of digits is always populated. So you can populate fields with new data. With all the Identifying data you need, added automatically.

AutoID logo

3. Rollup Multiple Boards

Rollup Multiple Boards app allows you to build a hierarchy of boards inside You can quickly and easily create new high-level boards from your account templates. This powerful App allows you to maintain a high-level, helicopter view board that “rolls up” information, from all the boards sitting below it. You can create as many lower-level boards as you like, for different projects or teams. Then you simply select the information you want “rolled up” so you can monitor it. Your high-level boards will always be on the lookout for new updates to pass it up, whenever changes occur. Ensuring you never lose track of important developments again.

rollup multiple boards logo

4. Start + End = Timeline

This handy Start + End = Timeline App helps you quickly convert start and end dates into timelines within Its speed at converting Excel-imported dates and times can be a big help when you need to adjust timelines on the go. A simple to use App that can save you a lot of time.

timeline logo
Populate your template documents quickly and efficiently, saving you loads of time

5. DocuGen

The Number 1 Document Generation App on Rated 9.1 out of 10 for ease of use. DocuGen allows you to generate complex documents with ease. You can populate your template documents quickly and efficiently, saving you loads of time. You will also reduce the risk of mistakes on important things like human resource documents, legal documents, invoices, receipts and letters. DocGen grabs the information you need straight from your boards. Feeds your data directly into your template and creates your document. It can even send your new document by email, attach it to a column in, or drop it into a conversation feed automatically.

Docugen logo


The name says it all. VLOOKUP by Jetpack apps is an alternative to connected boards and mirrored columns for connecting multiple boards. 'What is the perk?' you may ask. VLOOKUP works with native automations allowing you to apply monday automations to linked statuses.

7. Conversations

With the Conversations App inside you will never miss important updates on projects again. You can link in conversation feeds from all your important items. Bringing them together in one central place. It gives you a reliable way to track all your important updates. While still respecting the permission settings set inside You can even add the Conversation App to an unlimited amount of boards.

conversations logo

8. Funnels

The Funnels App helps you clearly visualise all your sales and marketing funnels. It allows you to follow the journey your clients make through your workflows, so you can quickly and easily see what's working. While identifying areas that need attention fast.

funnels logo

If you want to understand where clients are dropping out of your sales process? Or need to compare conversion rates on different lead sources? The Funnels App helps you visualise your funnels and quickly uncover problem areas, and communicate them to your team.

If you would like to know more about the Conversations and Funnels app's check out their developers here.

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