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Elena Korolkova Kick Consulting Founder

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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📣What to do about the upcoming item creation automation changes

You have all seen the yellow notification (below) in your automation centre. I’m sure it gave you a little heart attack trying to determine if it will affect your monday workflows or automations.

Don’t stress; we are here to offer a helping hand and walk you through the upcoming automation changes, explain what to look out for, and even audit your set-up.

Here is our CEO and Founder, Elena, covering all of the above in a 4-minute video (or 3 min 23 seconds if you watch it at 1.2x speed ;) )

If you want our help making sure your set up is still working as it meant to after September 11th, 2023, please book a 30-minute consult with us.


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