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Streamlining for Success: Technology Stack Consolidation

How many different software or tools do you juggle every single day at your workplace? Ten? Fifteen? More?

A survey uncovers a stark reality: On average, workers juggle 10.5 technology tools each month. However, they believe consolidating these tools could recover over 10 hours weekly. 78% of knowledge workers agree toolset consolidation is urgent.

Streamlining for Success with and kick consulting

Assuming an average Australian work week of 38 hours and the average full-time weekly wage of AUD$1,714.50 (as per Australian Bureau of Statistics data from May 2021), we can determine the hourly wage as follows:

$1,714.50 / 38 hours = $45.12 per hour

Now, if each employee wastes 10 hours per week:

$45.12 per hour * 10 hours = $451.20 per week per employee

Over a year, this becomes:

$451.20 per week per employee * 52 weeks = $23,462.40 per year per employee

Thus, the inefficient use of multiple software tools is costing each business an average of AUD$23,462.40 per employee annually.

Now, imagine a mid-sized firm with 50 employees. The cost skyrockets:

50 employees * $23,462.40 = $1,173,120


This astounding figure underscores the significant financial benefit of streamlining your tech stack.

Kick Consulting, a certified silver partner of, champions the philosophy of 'less is more' in technology stack management. We guide businesses in becoming agile, streamlined, and scalable.

Here are three steps to start your streamlining journey today:

  1. 1Identify Overlapping Tools: Examine your existing software tools. Are there multiple tools performing similar functions? Choose one that best fits your needs and consider discarding the rest.

  2. Prioritise Essential Features: Define the essential features that your business cannot operate without. The best software isn't always the one packed with features, but the one that does what you need efficiently.

  3. Seek Employee Input: Gather feedback from your team. They're the ones using these tools daily, and their insights will be invaluable when deciding which tools to keep and which to discard.

The survey reveals 80% of knowledge workers agree that collaboration and productivity tools enhance engagement. However, a mere 26% feel equipped with the necessary tools for streamlining work processes.

Kick Consulting is the bridge that closes this gap. Our solutions go beyond providing tools for streamlining your processes and technology. We guide you through systematisation, automation, and digital transformation.

Speaking of automation, another key survey finding shows 87% of Australian employees believe in the benefits of workflow automation. They anticipate enhanced productivity, increased happiness, and bolstered morale. Yet, only 21% confirm their company's readiness for automation.

Kick Consulting harnesses automation to amplify productivity, curb burnout, and build happier workplaces. Are you ready to explore the possibilities of technology stack consolidation? Reach out today for a free discovery call.


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