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Business Optimisation | Digital Transformation

Kick Consulting was created to help successful entrepreneurs focus on growing their business instead of getting stuck managing it. We assist professional service businesses to become agile, streamlined and scalable through business optimisation, project management, systematisation, automation and digital transformation.


We understand what your business needs with over 15 years of experience in business management and optimisation! At kick we work with companies all over the globe, including but not limited to Europe, USA and Australasia.

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Business Optimisation &

Technology Integration

Optimise Your Business

Do more of what you love & less admin

We understand as the business owner you wear many hats. You have a vision for your business but management and operations may not be your strength.


You understand that to grow you need to let go.

We will work with you to help you automate your processes from KPI integration to reporting.

We will also put in place checks and balances to make sure you are still in control of everything.

We help entrepreneurs grow their business, increase efficiency, reduce costs through strategy implementation, automation and integration of technology-enabled solutions.​


Project Management

Get It Done

Delegate To Grow

Do you have projects and initiatives sitting on a back burner because you and your team don't have the capacity? 

Are you transitioning your team to new software or system? 

As Project Management Experts 

we will work with you and your team to create a plan, implement it and make sure the change sticks.


More Than Just IT

Streamline Your Business

Unleash Your Creativity

Projects are not always IT related, whether you are streamlining your documentation or booking system or integrating new CRM, every task is a mini-project of its own. 


Examples of projects:

  • Team restructure

  • Process improvement and automation

  • Software integration

  • Recruitment and HR

  • Design and automation of client communication and sales

  • Automation of the company's reporting

  • Design and creation of policies and procedures