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Elena Korolkova Kick Consulting Founder

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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How to stop losing clients. Introducing monday’s CRM

stop losing clients using monday com CRM

Everyone is trying to steal your clients.

Your competitors are constantly harassing them with juicy promises—every single day.

They will always be there, nipping away at your heels and trying to undermine you. Undercut you. Steal your business away.

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The one thing your clients want to know more than anything else is…. are you invested in their success? Do they matter to you?

The more successful you are, the more your competition will come for you.

"Come over here! We'll give you better results," they'll swoon to your most valued clients. "You'll get them faster and for a lower cost, too!" they will solemnly pledge.

How are you going to compete with their underhanded, sneaky tactics?

Would your clients even tell you if they were about to jump ship?

Or would they keep it a secret? Wait until the last minute, until just before they slip away.

If you are suffering from a stream of clients that seem to be racing off searching for better deals. Seduced by greener pastures. It might beg the question…. what is the real reason most clients leave?

There is a good chance the actual cause could be this…

They don't think you care enough about them.

The one thing your clients want to know more than anything else is…. are you invested in their success? Do they matter to you?

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Suppose you are being caught by surprise when they leave you. The hidden culprit could be how you are communicating with them. Which often means essential things are not being addressed.

You need an automated workflow that will raise red flags. One that alerts you to problems before they grow in size.

Communication problems can be business-killing, so they need quick attention. You need a system to catch things early on before it is too late.

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Fortunately, has developed a perfect CRM for tackling this dilemma.

You can stop a client's exodus in its tracks. Turn your clients from fed up and frustrated to engaged and onboard.

You need an automated workflow that will raise red flags to do that. One that alerts you to problems before they grow in size.

An effective CRM is not just for managing your projects, team, or creating reams of reports.

It should also raise alerts when needed. So you can spot problems as they begin. Catch them before they escalate to terminal levels.

One of CRM's most overlooked and powerful features. Is its ability to track your clients' satisfaction.

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An effective CRM should be your eyes and ears on the ground. They are automatically telling you if things are going wrong with a client. Giving you time to adjust and change direction if need be.

The CRM can give you a clear overview of every stream of your business. So you can drill down from a bird's eye view into where you need to be focusing.

At Kick Consulting, we have invested time and money to become certified as Official Partners. Giving us a deeper understanding of how can save you.

If you do not set up your client tracking the right way. When you miss the early warning signs, you are not building in actions that will notify you.

Get it wrong, and those red flags will not wave at you. You will miss out on the powerful advantages the CRM can deliver.

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Suppose you want to avoid your clients feeling neglected, unloved, or ignored. Or worse, taken advantage of.

It might be worth reaching out to the experienced team at Kick Consulting.

Apply now for a free assessment session. Today, you can cut to the chase and partner with a certified expert.

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