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Mac Productivity Tools Consultants Love

Mac Productivity Tools Consultants Love

One of my fellow business efficiency colleagues, Paul Minors, shared an incredibly insightful and useful article called 'Mac productivity tools.

You all know me well enough to know what I did next: jumped straight in trying every single one of those tools! Now that my curiosity has been satisfied, I can provide you with some of my suggestions.

An apple user, using mac productivity tools in 2021

Who is Paul, and How Are We Connected?

I met Paul many years ago before I started my journey as a consultant. As he was (and still is) an Asana guru who built his business around his lifestyle, I reached out to him. I was dying to do the same. After a couple of lengthy conversations picking his brain, I was left with either becoming an Asana or a expert.

After a thorough analysis, I realised that is super flexible and growing very fast. You all know I love startups - won. I became the first Australian certified consultant. All thanks to Paul.

Productivity Tools (outside of

I now have used some of the solutions Paul recommended and can share which ones I loved the most and why! Below you will see Paul's article with the list of 9 productivity apps for Mac!

  1. Alfred – Custom search, workflows & clipboard manager

  2. Hazel – Automated file management

  3. Keyboard Maestro – System automation

  4. TextExpander – Email templates, links, and stored text

  5. 1Password – secure password management

  6. Custom Shortcuts

  7. Use Tab to switch controls

  8. Superfast mouse speed

  9. Change the order of tabs in Safari


What Did We Love?

I can't live without it! It replaced not just words in my Mac; it replaced document templates! I have heard of this software a lot before; Paul convinced me to jump the ship!

This one is brilliant; you can create your own custom shortcuts that System Preferences doesn't allow you to do. Try it; I promise you will love it!

Password protection and management are now more important than ever! We all have been guilty of using 'newpassword99' or 'secret123'. The second biggest mistake is re-sing your password.

As consultants, we use Dashlane, recommended by our own client Ryan Bailer. Whether you use 1Password or Dashlane, it doesn't matter as long as you use something. Here is a compelling video for you.

Want to Hear About the Remaining 6 Tools?

Paul got you covered, head to his blog article to read more about TextExpalnder, KeyboardMaestro and 1Password, and many others.

Want to Make Your Team Efficient and Increase Collaboration?

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