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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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As your business grows, it's hard to continue to provide the same incredible service to your clients as you did when you were a small start-up!

As monday Experts, we want to share some tips on how to make sure your clients continue to receive love and attention from you, like it's the first time!

We love monday because anything you can imagine can be done with monday .

Tip #1 Automate Subitems for Repetitive Tasks.

In your sales and client service, you will have the same number of steps that need to be done EVERY TIME! As monday specialists, we believe in efficiency. So, why waste your staff’s precious time creating those tasks, why not automate? Automating monday subitems is easily done through Zapier integration with code. If you want to know how to do it, get in touch with us. specialist shares how to automate subitems.

Tip #2 Assign Tasks and Set Deadlines.

It’s much easier to do something when you know when it needs to be done. When you assign monday task, your teammate will get a notification of what you would like them to do and by when. Don’t forget to use a deadline feature!

Tip#3 Utilise Board Descriptions Area.

Did you know an average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day (6 weeks per year) looking for things? * As monday experts, we believe in making finding things easier! We suggest utilising the “Board description” space for the templates and information that team will be looking for most frequently, like your NDA or proposal template or summary of all your Zapier automations.

Utilise Board Descriptions Area

Tip#4 Automate, Integrate, Repeat

How about integrating a “Welcome” or “Please leave us a review” email to your clients? This can be done easily through monday Outlook or Gmail integration.

monday has a great variety of native automation and integrates with almost anything you can imagine. If you are still burning for more, then you should look at Zapier or even code via Zapier.

Automate, Integrate, Repeat

Tip#5 Encourage teamwork through monday automations.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck with a task and not knowing who to ask for help. With monday automations this roadblock is all in the past.

So, to summarize: five tips from monday experts to maintain the consistency of your service delivery:

  1. Automate subitems for repetitive tasks.

  2. Assign tasks and set deadlines.

  3. Utilize board descriptions.

  4. Use automations, integrations and Zapier.

  5. Encourage teamwork through monday automations.

Ready to “upgrade” you monday set up?

We love optimizing processes and helping businesses. First, we discuss your needs and pain points, then we analyze your monday set up and create detailed recommendations to solve your pains using monday . Contact us to get started.

*Stats are from A Clear Path


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