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Offline Mode For Has Landed

Offline Mode For Has Landed

monday users across the world can rejoice because the long-awaited offline mode for mobile has finally arrived!

No more will you have to wait to emerge from internet-less subway stations or frantically search for WIFI on your way to work.

Now, it’s possible for you to check notifications, make changes to boards & add links without even a hint of internet connection.

It’s super functional straight out the gate, too, supporting 70% of all board actions. These include viewing updates, changing a column’s value, editing and renaming items, and more.

Showing Offline Mode For

While any changes you make won’t apply automatically (you will be offline, after all), the moment you reconnect, every little alteration will be uploaded.

And, if someone else has made a change to the same item you have, yours will override theirs as soon as you go back online.

The only downside that experts see, really, is that you won’t be able to view new notifications while in offline mode.

But, will hold onto any that you receive before you experience internet blackout so that they’re ready for you to read and action whenever you want them.

If that wasn’t enough already, the team is continuing to work hard on this all-new feature, so that, eventually, there will be no limits to the actions you can perform while offline.

So, whether you want to keep busy during a power cut or make the most of your commute, monday’s offline mode will allow you to do just that.


In Other News

The team at Kick Consulting has been busy recently, writing blog posts that we’re sure will help make your experience smoother.

We know that, while monday is simple to use once you know what you’re doing, it’s all too easy to miss some of their many features.

So, in case you didn’t know (or you forgot), we wrote a little something about all the crucial features that help to boost productivity.

And, for those who already have a pretty smooth setup, we’ve provided some expert insights into how to audit and add in time-saving automations.


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