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Tracket and - A Game-Changing Duo

We all know it, time is more than just a resource; it's the backbone of success. For businesses looking to optimise every second, the integration of Tracket with offers an innovative solution. Tracket, a flexible time-tracking tool, seamlessly combines with's robust features, creating an unparalleled system for managing time and tasks.

Tracket: Revolutionising Time Management

Tracket is designed to make time work for you. Its primary function is to easily log hours on existing items and subitems within This integration facilitates effortless time tracking and timesheet management, a crucial aspect for many businesses.

Key Features of Tracket:

  • Automated Time Recording: Tracket's timer feature automatically records time spent on tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  • Timesheet Overview: 'My Timesheet' provides a weekly overview, allowing users to scroll through weeks and add new entries, ensuring a complete record of working hours.

  • Integration and Customisation: Tracket offers easy-to-use integrations with boards. Set up takes just a few clicks, enabling customised dashboards for deep insights into time management.

  • Time Approval Process: Review, approve, or reject timesheets with ease, ensuring accurate and reliable time entries.

  • Data Analysis and Extraction: Use Tracket's API tokens to export time entries and analyse your team's capacity and productivity.

Tracket timesheet approvals

Tracket and for Your Industry

Construction Companies:

  • Project Management: Track time spent on various phases of construction projects. Gain insights into labor allocation and streamline workflow.

  • Budgeting and Cost Control: Monitor man-hours against budget allocations for each project phase, ensuring cost-effectiveness.


  • Client Billing: Accurately log billable hours for client work. Simplify invoicing with integrated time tracking and billing.

  • Compliance and Reporting: Maintain detailed records for compliance purposes and generate comprehensive reports for internal and client use.

Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners:

  • Client Engagement: Track time spent on each client or case, ensuring effective time management and client service.

  • Operational Efficiency: Use time tracking data to identify bottlenecks and improve processes, enhancing overall productivity.


  • Grant and Fund Management: Log time against specific projects or grants to meet reporting requirements.

  • Volunteer Coordination: Track volunteer hours effectively, providing insights for better resource allocation.

Success Stories: Tracket in Action

A testament to Tracket's efficacy is its successful implementation by Toluna. Since integrating Tracket with, they have experienced a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of time entries. This has directly impacted the quality of their analysis and decision-making processes. Their story illustrates the potential for Tracket to transform your business operations.

Why Choose Tracket with

  • Efficiency: Enter time quickly and accurately, enhancing productivity.

  • Intuitiveness: An easy-to-use interface means less time learning and more time doing.

  • Customisation: Tailor the tool to fit your unique business needs.

  • Insights: Gain real-time insights into team performance and task progress.

Tracket log hours against existing items and subitems in

For service based businesses, the integration of Tracket with offers a powerful tool for managing time and tasks efficiently. By leveraging these technologies, you can gain critical insights into your operations, streamline processes, and ultimately drive success. Embrace the power of Tracket and to make every second count!

Ready to transform your time management with Tracket and Contact Kick Consulting today for a personalised demonstration and see how we can tailor this solution to your business needs!


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