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Fun Fact Sheet: Lessons we've learned from Successful Optimisation Projects

Unlock the Power of with these Pro Tips!

Select Your Champion

monday,com champion

  • Designate 1 or 2 Main Stakeholders: Successful projects have a designated champion who is deeply connected to the company's core functions and excited about the possibilities of your new solution. Ask yourself why this person and consider their implied responsibilities in the company's long-term vision.

  • Central and Well-Connected: The champion should be central to the organization and well-connected to other teams. Ideally, they should host internal meetings and gather feedback in advance, ensuring seamless communication.

About the Project

  • Attend Meetings and Come Prepared: Ensure that the champion(s) actively participate in meetings and come prepared. Their engagement is crucial for the success of the project.

  • Clear Expectations and Scope: Establishing your core priorities and differentiating between your must haves and nice to haves, the amount of time something takes does us does not necessarily correlate with the amount of impact it will have.

  • Clear Process Map: Companies that thrive with optimisation projects have a well-defined process map. Clarity in processes enhances the implementation and utilisation of

Rolling Out and Testing the Solution


  • Roll Out During Low Business Activity: Optimal results are achieved when rolling out during low business activity times. This ensures the availability of the champion and provides opportunities to test and scale the project before peak times.

  • Solid Pilot Group for Feedback: Establishing a solid pilot group early on is beneficial for gathering feedback. This group can provide insights, identify potential challenges, and contribute to refining the solution.

  • Internal Training/Launch Plan: Be prepared with an internal training and launch plan. Clearly outline the phases, teams involved, and any specific protocols. A well-structured plan facilitates a smooth transition and adoption process.

Bonus team work

  • Foster a Collaborative Environment: Encourage collaboration among teams and departments. thrives when it becomes a central hub for communication and project management across the organization.

Implement these tips, and watch your optimisation project reach new heights of success!


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