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monday Specialist Reveals: How To Save (at least) Four Hours a Week Using

Monday specialist

Busy, busy busy! If you’re a business owner drawing in your own to-do list, you can break free with business automation. As a monday specialist, I have helped countless organisations streamline processes and save hours every single week. Investing in this process has the potential to deliver drastic changes to your business.

These are tried-and-tested hacks that my clients are using each week to save four hours — at least! Some clients save as much as a full day due to the numerous time-wasting procedures that monday eliminates.

Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in.

But the best thing about monday? It eliminates the need for many meetings

Monday specialist

Time-saving monday Hack #1: Meeting Management

Estimated hours saved each week: 1 per meeting

If you are still handwriting notes in meetings and getting an assistant to type and circulate them later, monday’s meeting board will be a gamechanger.

You can create automated processes that allow monday to:

  • Keep track of all your Zoom meetings

  • add the meeting to calendars

  • distribute the agenda beforehand

Then, when the meeting starts, use in-built AI technology, Meetee, to write notes directly into monday as decisions are made. You can change the status of projects, allocate tasks to people or gather information from reports in real-time, rather than following up later with hours of admin while you write minutes and circulate updated resources.

But the best thing about monday? It eliminates the need for many meetings. Often meetings are just people touching base with status updates. If your internal team or the client can use monday to see the status of projects, discuss issues and provide feedback, fewer meetings are typically the result. How about tasking monday to send a weekly activity roundup to your management team or clients instead? That weekly meeting can now be reduced to fortnightly or monthly — boom! That’s even more time saved in your business without losing efficiency. This leaves your busy team with more time to get on with the job and less time reporting.

Monday specialist

Time-saving monday Hack #2: Capture Leads

Estimated hours saved per week: 1

Do you have leads coming in from everywhere in your business?

You might have a sales team, website lead magnet, Facebook or Google ads, face-to-face meetings, or just a steady stream of phone calls or emails that need actioning. monday is an amazing tool for capturing leads, classifying them immediately, and maximising the chance of converting them.

Not all leads are equal. One of the most powerful ways to use monday for lead management is to use metrics to classify leads from cool to warm. You can set criteria that evaluate leads so that warm leads are identified — such as a higher budget to spend, interest in numerous services, or even self-categorising as a warm lead.

Cool leads may get a link to further information, but warm leads (as identified by your criteria) may be flagged to get a personal phone call from your head of sales.

There are plenty more ways to use monday to manage your leads. My clients use it to:

  • Instantly reply to emails asking about rates, sending a link to their rate card, alongside a gallery of impressive case studies.

  • Embed lead capture forms on their website or social media platforms and populate the data, so each lead has qualified information about the areas they are interested in.

  • Take inquiries about bookings and respond instantly with the next available dates for appointments, links to make a booking via Calendly integration — my clients haven’t done a thing but their schedule is getting filled with booked-in clients.

  • Send leads an informative video, and then track to see when the video is watched, triggering the next flow of information in a sequence, which avoids overloading leads with information.

The great thing about is the chance to create custom lead management processes. Many clients use pre-existing systems, but if you have a unique structure to your lead management, particular flows can be created to reflect your approach. The opportunities are truly endless.

monday pays attention and alerts you to follow up leads before they slip through the cracks

Monday specialist

Time-saving monday Hack #3: Better CRM

Estimated hours saved each week: 2

Impress your customers or clients with seamless, integrated communications. If you are a service-based business with valued clients, makes life incredibly easy.

You’ll never drop the ball with a client again when you structure common processes in your business. These could include:

  • accountants sending monthly financial reports

  • digital agencies sending social media strategies for approval (then scheduling them)

  • estate agents sending vendors reports on open for inspection attendance numbers

CRM is ideal for any business that operates on a retainer model with set monthly deliverables. Using the digital agency example, monday could ensure that the three key reports on social media, advertising, and content marketing are sent on time each month. Your account manager can submit next month’s content plan for approval to the client. Then, they can chat directly on monday (or integrate with Slack) to make any changes the client requests. And when it’s all approved, you can create instructions for monday to take the approved social media posts, hashtags, and images and add them directly into your social media scheduling tool.

If clients go quiet or didn’t respond to your latest report? monday pays attention and alerts you to follow up before they slip through the cracks. monday can send an immediate follow-up enquiry to the client, and notify the right person to follow up the next day with a phone call.

This system is also perfect for recognising key client dates, so you can integrate monday with to send a card on their birthday, Christmas, one-year anniversary of being your client or any other milestone. All without you lifting a finger.

Monday specialist

Time-saving monday Hack #4: Team Onboarding

Estimated hours saved: 2 per new team member

Have you ever had the panic on a monday morning when you realise your newly hired recruit will walk in the door any minute — and you’re not prepared? The poor newbie hovers awkwardly while you set up their IT, then hand them a few procedure documents to read before rushing to a meeting.

Not only do you want to welcome your new team member, but you also need them to get up to date with your policies on areas like staff conduct, OH&S, and reporting.

Enter You can set up a sequence when a new recruit is hired that will:

  • send them a welcome email with links to resources

  • create a playlist for training videos to watch and prompt them to go through the sequence in the right order (and monitor their progress, which is good for compliance)

  • notify IT to set up their computer, mail, and access settings before their first day

  • use a form to gather banking and super details to add them to payroll (and notify payroll to action it)

You can even use monday to train new employees on working with monday to perform their daily tasks.

Your new team member will have a much better orientation to your company and feel more confident about being supported to do their best in the role. The admin side is greatly reduced, too!

Monday specialist

To Summarise: How To Save Hours Each Week With

  1. Eliminate meeting admin: +1 hour

  2. Capture more leads:+1 hour

  3. Seamless CRM: +2 hours

  4. Better staff onboarding: +2 hours per new employee

Monday specialist


Save time in your business with a monday specialist.

We will add at least four hours to your workweek by creating personalized, streamlined processes using

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Monday specialist


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