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Why You Need a Expert

by Elena Korolkova, expert and founder of Kick Consulting

Are you a business owner with a never-ending to-do list? Perhaps you’re so busy handling short-term demands that you have no time to step back and steer the broader direction of your company? Your to-do list never seems to end and you’re struggling to keep track. All things a expert can assist with.

Perhaps your business is growing fast and you don’t have the systems and set up to keep delivering to a high standard. Products are not being dispatched on time, or service delivery deadlines are being missed. It’s an incredibly challenging problem for many business owners.

You can take charge, reduce overwhelm and claim your time back!

A business automation solution is a game-changer. As a monday expert, I have helped countless organisations make deep, transformational change using the power of

Why You Need a Expert
Elena Korolkova, expert, says. 'If you can imagine it monday can do it.'

Let’s dive into my top reasons you need a monday expert to create the systems your business lacks.

When you have automated processes, it doesn’t matter who’s implementing the procedure. Everything is done in your pre-planned sequence. For clients, there’s a consistency of experience that doesn’t vary — even if they have a different account manager or touchpoint in the business, everything will be seamless and consistent. If your team member is unwell or on leave, another can come in and follow the exact same process, without the client noticing any discontinuation.

The quality of your service delivery relies on a well-considered process. But as your company grows, those processes aren’t defined and different staff start managing things in different ways. The result is an inconsistency of customer or client experience that may impact the quality of your operation.

With, you can streamline all this and make it clear for your team what they should be doing and by when. Eliminating confusion is always good for team morale, and your systemised ways of working can be followed — whether it’s five people or 500 using the process — it’s always the same.

Benefit #2: Scale Your Business Faster

Do you have big fat, hairy, audacious goals for your business growth? Why wait five years if you can do it in two — or one?

Using business automation will help you achieve those milestones faster. Clawing back hundreds of hours wasted in administration and process will leave you free to do what you do best: innovate and strategise ways to improve performance, add revenue streams to your business and create a leaner, more productive operational model. All of this means you’ll be able to reduce costs, scale growth and supercharge your success.

I’ve seen first-hand the transformative power of Clients have eliminated wasteful administrative time, freeing up staff to focus on innovation and lead generation instead. One client managed to cut his process time by half, allowing him to effectively halve his costs and double his capacity, all while delivering the exact same service — his profitability soared.

Benefit #3: Save Your Sanity

Are you tired of chasing your team, demanding to know what they are doing and whether they’ll meet important deadlines? Perhaps you’ve been caught out by a customer or client asking for a project status update — and you couldn’t tell them?

Imagine instead, having the answers to all your important questions in your pocket with the monday app on your phone (which seamlessly integrates with the desktop function).

With a click (or a tap), you can use monday to get instant updates on whatever you need to know, such as:

  • how many leads the sales team captured last week

  • when the client can expect their monthly report (and whether someone’s started writing it yet)

  • what social media posts are scheduled for the coming week

  • how your monthly income is tracking against the forecast

Sales numbers in dashboard by Elena Korolkova
Elena Korolkova, expert, shares how to get insight into your sales using

As the business owner or general manager, it’s your job to keep the ship sailing smoothly. But it’s a very complicated ship! There’s multiple teams, different priorities and complex procedures to follow. makes all this easy.

If, after the upheaval of 2020, you are transitioning to a flexible or remote workforce, monday allows you to remotely track the performance of your staff, so you know exactly what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. Staff communication, project tracking and team operations are incredibly easy with — and staff love it!

Benefit #4: Better Project Management

Even a single-person business can have a fairly complex flow of procedures. For example, a freelance photographer will have a process for client bookings, preparing for a shoot, editing photos, presenting to clients and then producing the final gallery of work. There may be virtual assistants involved or other subcontractors who need to be briefed, booked and paid too.

So imagine how complex it gets for companies with five, ten, fifty or more than 100 staff.

Say the solo photographer is now a larger entity with 10 photographers working for her and a further 10 admin staff handling operations, finances and IT. For effective delivery of projects, each job needs to be booked (via website or sales) invoiced (finance) briefed (operations) and images downloaded into a portal (tech). That’s now several people involved in the delivery of the service, all needing contribution from each other to do their jobs effectively. board to manage photography business done by Elena Korolkova, expert.
Elena Korolkova, expert, shares how to manage requests using

Image from blog.

Enter to streamline this process. The photographer is just an example — any process can be systematised with monday. The result? Getting the job done faster, better systems, staff empowered to deliver, better flow between teams, smooth delegation and happier customers!

Benefit #5: Surprise and Delight Customers

Your current customers are your biggest source of repeat business and income. You’ve worked hard to secure your customers or clients — so don’t let them slip away with poor procedures. This is a significant problem for fast-growing companies without the systems in place to cope with the increased demand from new clients or customer traffic. In product businesses, stock sells out and inventory isn’t managed effectively, forcing customers to look elsewhere. In a service business, the quality of the delivery flags, deadlines are missed and customers start to feel unappreciated.

You can eliminate these common business frustrations with monday. Setting up boards to manage projects and transactions will ensure smoother, faster delivery and eliminate the risk of missing deadlines.

But improving the delivery of core services is only the beginning. How about going above and beyond? monday makes it easy to:

  • impress clients immediately with a high-tech seamless onboarding process that leaves them feeling confident they made the right choice

  • send customers an automatic postcard on their birthday (with the special discount offer)

  • recognise the anniversary of when they began working with you via an exclusive upgrade offer

  • create a seamless referral system that incentivises and rewards customers for referring more people to your business

  • conduct regular customer surveys so you get advance warning if customers are having concerns — giving you a chance to redeem before they’re lost forever

  • encourage more customer reviews with an automated process for requesting them

  • create and offer value-add experiences such as briefings with your executives, private events or online webinars

Happy customers stay loyal and are willing to pay for the privilege of working with you. Business automation via helps you achieve customer retention levels that have the potential to deliver unparalleled growth opportunities for your business.

So, to summarise: Five Benefits of Working with a Expert

  1. Achieve consistency of service delivery

  2. Scale your business faster

  3. Save your sanity

  4. Better project management

  5. Surprise and delight customers

Ready to embrace the power of a expert?

We relish a challenge, so if you have a frustrating business operations issue, we’d love to design a custom solution. First, we discuss your needs, then we create detailed recommendations for problem-solving using

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