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How to Avoid Collaboration Chaos

How to Avoid Collaboration Chaos

One of the hardest things about team collaboration can be getting everyone together on one platform.

Trying to get them to brainstorm in one place can be like herding cats!

When your team all have their own preferred ways of brainstorming. With multiple methods for mapping out their ideas. Not to mention different styles of communicating with each other. It can feel like a nightmare to bring them together around one virtual table.

Team member brainstorm idea

Inevitably someone likes to keep notes in this program. Others might like to map out their ideas by using these tools It can seem like everyone has a different way of working.

Some of your team might be more visual thinkers? Others might like to write all their ideas down.

You can finally bring all your team together in one spot. Regardless of what their preferred communication style happens to be.

How on earth are you going to get them to collaborate when they all have different styles of problem-solving?

What if there was a way to allow everyone to use a method that works best for them?

Yet still brings them together in one place. So they can focus more on the outcome. While using the tools they prefer to get there.

Workspace environment

Well, has created a solution.

Announcing Work Docs.

You can finally bring all your team together in one spot. Regardless of what their preferred communication style happens to be.

Now they can brainstorm in the way that works for them. While still working together as a team.

If they are visual thinkers, they can use tools like the creative whiteboard feature. Where you can map out your ideas visually for all to see.

Others can add in written notes. Or drag and drop images. Embed videos. Link to different boards directly to keep working data up to date.

Your team can share their thoughts easily in formats they prefer. Bringing everyone together in one Work Doc.

You can even quickly invite input from other team members. Simply mention their name directly inside the Work Doc you are working on. They will be automatically notified, so you don't even have to break your workflow to message them separately.

Car Campaign Brainstorming

The built-in comment feature allows you to comment directly on specific content in your Work Doc.

You can keep everything organized with a searchable table of contents. That allows you to locate information with ease.

When you bring all your team's thoughts and ideas together in one place. You no longer have to jump from one platform to the next to find what you are looking for.

Once you have your team brainstorming together seamlessly, you can even save your Work Doc as a Template. With a Work Doc Template you can use it again and again. Even making it available for other teams.

Employee working in office

Find out more about how Work Docs could stop your team from drifting away down their own path. Reach out to partner and expert, Kick Consulting, for a complimentary assessment today.

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