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5 Crucial Monday.com Features You Don’t Know (Or Forgot About)

5 Crucial Monday.com Features You Don’t Know

There aren’t many platforms better suited to busy business owners than Monday.com. With its incredible raft of business automation tools, Monday can help even the most overwhelmed CEOs, Marketing Directors, or Project Managers free up hours of time every week. And what’s more valuable in business than time well spent?

As a Monday expert, I know exactly what tools work best and for which business owners. When used in the right ways, these tools have the power to streamline whole businesses and make important changes where they count!

Maybe you have far too many balls in the air to focus on the bigger picture. Or, perhaps you’re having a hard time staying on top of your to-do list and you’re missing crucial deadlines as a result.

“Whatever the problem, Monday has a solution. “

So, without further ado, here are five of my favourite must-use Monday features that you don’t know (or forgot) about.

Man using Monday.com Features

Feature #1: Dashboards Or My Week Feature

For everything from project management to delegation and prioritisation, Monday’s Dashboard feature is a great tool for any business. With all the information you need in one centralised location, it’s never been easier to keep track of the important data and keep your business running smoothly.

Just choose from the 15 available widgets and customise your Dashboard in a way that works for you. Whether you need to manage your team’s workloads, keep an eye on the budget, or track the progress of ongoing projects, with a Monday Dashboard you can do so with one seamless and easy-to-understand overview. To get started, simply add a Dashboard by selecting the “Add” icon in the left-hand sidebar of the relevant workspace, and then click “New Blank Dashboard.”

For something a little more goal-oriented, you could also put the My Week feature to good use. Basically, with My Week, you can see every task assigned to you for that week, as well as the next and previous week’s tasks.

Monday.com Features

Alternatively, if you want to see all your tasks at glance, use a Dashboard with a table widget of all tasks in your Monday.com workplace and filter by tasks allocated to you.

And, with the status columns, you can track the progress of yours and your team’s tasks. So, you’ll be able to see exactly how well projects are progressing, what needs a little more people-power, and whether someone needs a hand getting something done.

Feature #2: Deadline Columns

Undeniably a saving grace no matter what your business does, making good use of the Deadline column can help to optimise workflow and ensure everyone is focused on the right things at all times. It allows you to set different deadlines for different tasks on each of your boards and gives you a quick view of how each task is progressing, too. Most importantly, all tasks allocated to you with a Deadline column will appear in ‘My Week’ section of Monday making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Deadline feature on Monday.com

When managing projects, large or small, it is absolutely vital that you stay abreast of how each part is developing. Otherwise, chances are that people won’t be coordinated, mistakes will be made, and important deadlines missed. But, when you’re working on so many things all at once, it can be difficult to stay completely on the ball with juggling different dates and keeping up-to-speed with what every person is doing.

Thankfully, with Monday, you can forget about easily forgotten deadlines written hastily in your calendar and the constant back-and-forth with managers and team members. Start using Deadline Mode to automate the project management process now.

A woman sitting at a computer using monday.com features

Feature #3: Connecting Boards And Mirroring Columns

Monday’s Connect Boards Column and Mirror Column tools are great time-savers! If you have information stored in one column on one board, these features allow you to transfer that data elsewhere by linking it.

Connecting boards features on Monday.com

The Connected boards coupled with Mirror Columns are particularly useful as it allows you to show information from one column in multiple places across your Monday workspace. Not only that, but if you make updates to one of your mirrored columns, the changes will automatically be reflected in the others. These features can save you time that would be far better spent elsewhere.

Thanks to Monday, gone are the days of doubling your workload to keep information consistent across projects and teams!

Feature #4: Emailing Pulses To The Board

As a business owner, you probably have to spend a lot of your time in your email inbox. So, why not coordinate all of the important information in your inbox with the information on your Monday workspace?

Well, with the ability to send emails to your board, you can! This is a great feature for people who need to keep track of the correspondence they receive, share it with team members, and integrate any essential information included in it with other important dates.

Using a unique email address that will be specific to each board, you and other account members can forward on messages that will be stored together in a new group called “Emailed Pulses.” You will simply need to fill in the columns to the right-hand side. With this feature, all your email action items will be oh-so-easy to see.

a team using several monday.com features

Feature #5: Emailing Updates To The Board

In addition to new Pulses, you can also email updates to items on your board. And, as with most Monday features, it’s really simple to do.

All you have to do is find the item that you want to update via email, click into it, and open up the “Updates Section.” There will be an option in there to “Write updates via email.” Just copy the email address given or write one that’s easier to remember, and you and your team will be able to forward on any relevant correspondence to that item.

So, if you get regular updates from clients or progress reports from team members via email, you can store them all alongside the main item on your board. This function allows you easy access to all of the information you need, without having to constantly consult your inbox.

monday.com users in an office

So, to summarise: Five Crucial Monday Features You Don’t Know (Or Forgot) About

  1. Dashboards and My Week features for seeing all your tasks.

  2. Deadline columns.

  3. Connect Boards and Mirror Columns.

  4. Emailing Pulses to the board.

  5. Emailing updates to Pulses.

We are Monday.com experts.

We know Monday inside and out, and we can help you to find and implement all the right tools for your business.

freelancer using monday.com features

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