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12 Tech Trends Predicted for 2024

As we head into 2024, we're thinking about where everything software and tech is headed. We've done some research, and these are our top 12 predictions of how, what and why tech will be used in business in the new year.

kick consulting tech trends 2024

We've also had a sneak peek at's roadmap for 2024, and while we had already put together our list of predictions by the time we saw it, it was amazing to see how closely the roadmap matches the trends, so we've added our take on how is aligning with each of our predictions.

Generative AI for Everyone

Imagine AI that can create things like art or write stories. This kind of AI is going to be easier for more people to use, thanks to big improvements in technology.'s new AI Automation Blocks, as part of their Q4 2023 roadmap, align with the trend of making generative AI more accessible. These blocks will enable users to leverage AI for various tasks, streamlining processes and boosting creativity.


Computers and AI are getting really good at doing tasks that people used to do, like writing or even making decisions. This is going to change a lot of jobs and how businesses work. has announced numerous upcoming automation improvements, such as the full release of Automations & Integrations Analytics. These enhancements will facilitate more efficient task completion, a key element in the growing trend of business automation. automation

Making Things Simple

Businesses don't want complicated tech stuff. They want easy-to-use tools that work well with the other tools they already have. The focus on creating a more user-friendly experience, such as through the 'My Work' Customisation & Enhancements, is in line with the trend towards simplification in tech. is aiming to make their platform more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Putting Tech Together

Instead of having lots of different tech tools, companies want to combine them into fewer, more powerful tools. Combining multiple tech tools into cohesive, powerful solutions has always been a building block of, allowing you to integrate with hundreds of other tools and use as your predominant source of truth, bringing everything together.

AI You Can Trust

As AI becomes a big part of our lives, it's important to make sure it's safe and does the right thing, like protecting our personal information.'s ongoing commitment to security and privacy, such as Tenant Level Encryption & Bring Your Own Key, suggests a broad focus on building trustworthy tech solutions.

AI Helping in Software Making

AI is helping people who create software by making their work easier and faster.'s AI Board Builder will help users build tailor-made workflows, using AI to streamline software development processes.

Smart Apps

These are apps that can think and make decisions on their own, which helps do some of our work for us.'s emphasis on Automations & Integrations Analytics and the introduction of AI Automation Blocks show a shift towards smarter applications that can handle complex tasks and offer insights, aligning with the trend of intelligent apps.

smart home control app

Better Work with Tech

Businesses are using tech to make work better for people, like helping them learn new things or stay healthy at work. The 'My Work' Customisation & Enhancements feature is a testament to's commitment to improving work experiences using technology. It aims to make task management more efficient and personalised.

Machines as Customers

Imagine machines that can buy stuff on their own, like a fridge ordering milk when it's out. That's becoming more common. I mean, we're not quite here yet. However, the integration of advanced automations and analytics could lay the groundwork for such capabilities in the future.

Keeping Data Safe

With all this tech, keeping information safe is super important. There's a big focus on better ways to protect data from hackers. The introduction of Tenant Level Encryption & Bring Your Own Key indicates's dedication to data security. security badges

Eco-Friendly Tech

People are thinking more about how tech affects the planet, like using less energy or making less waste. The completion of a climate change risk assessment and the introduction of GHG targets to suppliers in 2023 demonstrate's proactive approach in involving their entire supply chain in their eco-friendly initiatives. 

Custom Tech Platforms:

This is about creating special tech platforms for specific types of businesses, making things more efficient and focused.'s roadmap, with features like AI Board Builder and various customisations, indicates a move towards more tailored tech platforms, catering to specific business needs and efficiencies.

Technology is getting smarter, more connected, and easier for everyone to use, which is exciting for the future. We're here for it - we've always believed that the right technology, in the right businesses and set up in the right way is the best way for business to grow and scale.'s roadmap for 2024 positions it as a cutting-edge platform aligning with the top tech trends for the year, emphasising automation, integration, customisation, and security.


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