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Prestige Building Removals

Prestige Building Removals (PBR) is a transport company from the North Island of New Zealand they transport houses new and old, all around the North Island. PBR was using for over four years, but things were getting pretty inefficient with all the manual handling of emails, documents, and job packs.

Case Study

The Challenge

PBR was struggling with managing multiple projects simultaneously, and their sales and database management were not optimised. They were dealing with job packs that needed to be sent to different locations or the staff had to come into the office to pick those up, which was a hassle and required way too much manual effort. But Kick Consulting came in with a fully customisable software solution that provided automation capabilities.

Our Solution

Kick Consulting created tailored crm boards that streamlined PBR's sales process and database management. In addition, Kick built a job management board where everyone could see where each job was at, a checklist of things that needed to be done and whether it was on schedule.. They also set up automations for emails and job tracking, which saved a lot of time and improved efficiency. provided all the necessary information in one place and was easy to access.

The Results

According to PBR, they were able to automate 10 to 15 emails per week, which would have taken five minutes each if done manually. This resulted in an annual saving of about 65 hours on emails and at least 130 hours of travel per team member!


With this automation, PBR was able to focus on other crucial tasks and improve their productivity. This led to significant improvement in their efficiency and helped them streamline their operations, ultimately resulting in better customer service. The results speak for themselves - PBR's operations were streamlined, productivity improved, and the custom transport board made it easy to track progress and monitor jobs.

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