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Unlock the Power of Permission Control in Take Charge of Your Data with Kick Consulting!

At Kick Consulting, we know having the power to control who can access and modify your data is essential. That's one of the reasons we work with which offer various types of permissions that you can customize. These permissions cover different areas such as boards, columns, dashboards, workspaces, and the overall account.

the Power of Permission Control in

Let's break it down:


Board Permissions

board permissions in

At the board level, you can control who can view and edit your board. We offer three types of boards: Main, Shareable, and Private. Each type has different accessibility levels. Shareable boards are available on the Standard plan and above, while Private boards are available on the Pro plan and above.

Within each board, the board owner(s) can manage the viewing and editing permissions for other board members. There are two categories: Viewing permissions and Editing permissions. You can adjust who can see and edit specific information on the board.

Column Permissions

column permissions in

With column permissions, board owners can decide which columns can be seen or edited by others. This is useful when you have sensitive information that should be restricted. You can set column permissions by accessing the column settings through the three-dot menu next to the column title. You have the option to restrict column editing or viewing.

Dashboard Permissions

dashboard permissions in

Moving beyond the board level, dashboard permissions allow the dashboard owner to control what information can be viewed or changed on the dashboard. There are two aspects to customize: setting the dashboard type (Main or Private) and managing dashboard owners.

Main dashboards can be accessed and interacted with by any team member, while Private dashboards are visible only to selected subscribers.

Workspace Permissions

workspace permissions in

For Enterprise accounts, workspace permissions provide control over viewing and actions within the workspace. There are two types of workspaces: open and closed. Open workspaces allow any team member to join, while closed workspaces are private and accessible only to the creator and invited members.

Access to boards within a workspace depends on user permissions. Workspace owners can define actions that users can perform, such as creating boards, setting up automations, and creating dashboards.

Account Permissions

account permissions in

At the account level, administrators can set up account permissions to manage features and control user access. This ensures that only authorized users can use certain functionalities.


We hope this summary helps you understand the permission settings at From boards to dashboards, workspaces, and the account-level, you have the tools to control access and protect your data. Need some help with setting up your permissions in


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