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3 creative ways to capture leads with

How would you like to stop wasting time importing leads into manually? What if you could get new leads to enter their details directly into your CRM for you? While segmenting them at the same time?

capture leads with

Introducing 3 simple and highly effective ways to capture new leads in with ease. As easy as 1,2,3..


#1 Use WorkForm to capture new leads

An effective way to gather and segment your new leads. Is at their first point of contact with you. Like filling in a form on your website. build a workform

When you set up WorkForms, you can embed them directly onto a webpage. The form acts like a silent salesperson. Sitting quitelty waiting for new visitors to come along. Patiently standing ready to capture your new prospects details.

💡 Unlike a real, live sales team, Forms never need to take time off. Your WorkForms are available at all hours of the day and night. Seven days a week.

🎉 The key to helping a WorkForm perform its magic, is to offer an incentive for visitors to fill it in. For instance, you can offer access to free, exclusive content in exchange for their contact details. If they enter an email address, you can give away all sorts of useful information such as complimentary pfd’s or exclusive video’s.

When a WorkForm is filled in, it will create a new lead in your CRM. You can use your form to segment new contacts based on where they came from. Or questions they might have answered on the WorkForm itself. Your CRM can then allocate them to an actual salesperson. Allowing you to track their progress throughout your sales funnel.

#2 Set WorkForm on your Contact US page

How would you like to turn your Contact Us page into a proactive lead generation tool?

When a user fills in a form to contact you. Their details can be imported directly into You can automate follow up communication. Using CRM to convert them from a query, into a lead. While tracking how they interact with your Sales or Customer Service Team.

By capturing new prospect data inside your CRM, you ensure you are not letting potential customers slip through unnoticed. With a WorkForm, you can capture important details. Collating it all in one place. So you can streamline your tracking and communication with new leads. conditional questions formatting

Regardless of how you embed your WorkForms, a handy feature is their ability to create Conditional Questions. This means you can customise questions a user sees. Based on their previous answer, to the question before. Each answer they select can be tagged and used to identify areas of interest and relevance within their profile.

💡 Good to know: When you feed your WorkForm data into you can add a column to automatically indicate if someone is a new account. Or an existing one.

One of the problems caused by forms feeding directly into a CRM, can be the risk of duplicate contacts being created. You really don’t want to send multiple communications to the one lead. Simply because they are in your system more than once.

Fortunately CRM has a clever, duplicate hunting function. Which makes tracking down and merging duplicate accounts a breeze. It means if an existing client enters a sales funnel via a WorkForm. You can detect it and merge their accounts into one.

To begin using forms, simply select one of the preset templates. These premade, popular templates are ready to just plug in and go. If you like to get creative, you can also design your own. Customising it and branding it with your own look and feel.

#3 A handy hack to bring in new leads from Facebook

If you use Facebook as a lead generation tool? Did you know there is a way you can import leads from your Facebook Group and Facebook Ads, directly into

When you run your own Facebook Group, you have an option to use questions as part of your approval process. It means when someone wants to join your group, you can capture valuable data like their email address.

Whenever a new member requests to join. You can ask up to three questions, to help qualify their suitability for your group. You can choose between multiple choice options, check boxes or written answers. If you allow written answers, you can capture their contact details and segment them based on their responses.

🚨 But there is a catch: Facebook will not let you export that valuable information out of Facebook! But fortunately we know a work around…

By using a simple chrome extension, you can export the answers to your Facebook Group questions. Allowing you to capture the data from your Facebook leads and import them into

A handy way to encourage group members to answer questions, is to use the Facebook Group Description Box. You can use it to sell your new members on the benefits of providing an email address. Just like on your website, you can offer new members the chance to access free gifts like a complimentory ebook or pdf whitepaper. Or private access to exclusive content videos or blog posts. You can also use new members answers to questions, to trigger an automated onboarding process through your CRM.

facebook ads

If you use Facebook Ads, you can set up a form within your ad, that will bring your Facebook leads into You can track which Ads are successful. Identify the particular Ads your leads are responding to. Use this information to segment your new leads by location, interests, access to products they might have requested. All within CRM.

Now you can communicate with your leads both inside and outside of Facebook. Giving you more options.


Setting these powerful tools up might seem daunting at first. Although the rewards for doing it, can be significant. If you would like the support of a certified expert to get you on track? To help you get up and running in a flash? Contact the team at Kick Consulting today. Book in a complimentary discovery call to see how they can help you.


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