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6 Essential Tips for Streamlining Your Construction Projects

Running a construction firm is complex, to say the least. Juggling multiple projects at once, keeping track of deadlines, and ensuring everyone is on the same page takes meticulous planning and organisation.

Enter, the platform built to streamline these tasks. Below, we'll break down six invaluable features you shouldn't ignore.

1. Mobile App: Keeping Field and Office Teams Aligned

Staying connected with your field workers is often a game of phone tag, but it doesn't have to be. With's mobile app, your on-site staff can update statuses, send pictures, and communicate directly with the office team, who in turn can assign tasks or projects as they come in. Imagine real-time updates without the mess of emails and text messages. You not only keep everyone aligned but also make life easier for your field workers, who can now report and track their tasks seamlessly.

"The mobile app gives our technicians on raw construction sites instant access to the project information they need and makes connecting with the team at HQ easy." Allie Swindlehurst | Operations Manager, Falkbuilt

2. Dependencies: Streamline Your Timelines

Construction projects usually comprise stages that depend on each other. Using's Dependency feature allows you to link these stages. If you can't start the metalwork until the concrete is dry, the platform will automatically push the timeline for the metalwork until the concrete phase is complete. This ensures you don't set up impractical timelines and keeps your project running smoothly.

3. Document Storage: Centralise Your Files

Cluttered email threads with various versions of blueprints and RFIs are chaotic. offers a centralised hub for all your crucial documents. Store everything from electrical plans to floor layouts in one place, and track versions to make sure everyone is using the most current. You can even add a tag to show who uploaded it and its approval status. No more sifting through endless files; find what you need when you need it.

4. Maps View: Visualise Project Locations

When you're overseeing multiple construction sites, a clear understanding of each location is invaluable. With Maps View, you can see all your project sites plotted on a map. This spatial awareness could even help you allocate resources more efficiently. For example, you might decide to use the same contractor for two nearby projects.

5. Weather Widget: Plan with Precision

Weather plays a significant role in the construction industry. A storm could delay your project, costing you time and money. Incorporate the Weather Widget into your dashboard, and you'll have weather forecasts right alongside your project details. You can plan your week knowing if weather conditions might interfere with your timelines.

6. Calendar: Keep Track of Upcoming Meetings and Milestones

As a construction manager, you likely have a string of meetings with stakeholders to keep your projects on track. With's calendar feature, not only can you see upcoming meetings, but you can also sync them with your Google or other calendars. Receive timely notifications and always stay ahead of your schedule.

" has given us the visibility we need to get everyone on the same page and keep track of all the moving parts." Jason Doan | VP of Heavy Rental & Sales, HOLT CAT


Adopting these features can seriously upgrade your project management game. From simplifying communication between field and office teams to proactive weather planning, these hacks are a game-changer in streamlining your construction projects.

At Kick, we're not just enthusiasts—we're experts. With over 15 years of experience in management and automation, we've helped businesses around the globe become more agile, streamlined, and scalable.

What's on the table? Comprehensive training, tailored technology integration, and business optimisation services. We get it, your time is precious and tackling tech challenges can be daunting. Let us help you make the most of, so you can focus on doing more of what you love and less admin.

Don't leave your construction project management to chance. Learn how to take your business to the next level with Kick.


Can I Integrate Existing Tools into

Absolutely. allows seamless integration with tools you're already using, like Dropbox, Excel, or even custom databases. This means less time migrating data and more time getting things done.

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We had a look and the pre-made templates don't quite fit our process. Can be customised to better suit our construction business?



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