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Sports Model Project Case Study

Boosts The Sports Model Project Growth

Meet The Sports Model Project

Get ready to meet the Sports Model Project, a fitness coaching company that is helping women all over the world achieve their fitness goals, and improve their health and well-being through personalized training and nutrition programs.

The company aims to differentiate itself from other fitness coaching companies by focusing on creating a community-based approach to fitness and providing a holistic approach to training that encompasses both physical and mental health.

The Challenge

A successful company with over 250 clients and 30+ staff and contractors spread out all over the world. They were constantly working on ways to be more productive and efficient, but they just couldn't seem to find the time or expertise to put their ideas into a concrete action plan.

As their business kept growing, they started to feel the pressure of missed opportunities and deadlines slipping by, which was causing major stress for the whole team. To make matters worse, they didn't have a good system in place for everyone to communicate and manage tasks together. This is when they started using

The Sports Model Project recognized they needed some outside help to tackle their operational challenges, and that's where Kick Consulting came in.

The Solution

Kick Consulting worked closely with the Sports Model Project to configure and customize to meet their specific needs, and provided training and support to ensure that the team was able to fully utilize the platform's features and functionality. The team was able to get the most from and their setup.

The project was a real team effort, with Kick Consulting breaking it down into stages and taking on each process and team one by one. Sports Model Project created Loom videos to demonstrate their current process and objectives, while Kick Consulting presented a project scope and strategy. From there, it was like playing a game of tennis as Kick Consulting customized according to their feedback and tested it out.

The Sports Model Project was able to publish all their SOPs in one place using, which made them accessible to everyone in the company.

The good thing about is that it provided a bird's eye view of the entire project, making it easier to identify potential roadblocks or bottlenecks, and adjust the timeline or resources accordingly. It also made it clear who was responsible for which tasks, and by when, which helped keep everyone accountable and
motivated to complete their work on time.


With this solution, the Sports Model Project improved their content creation process and kept their clients coming back for more. They cut client turnover by 20%, making them stand out from the competition with a high level of service.


Thanks to Kick Consulting's guidance and's software platform, The Sports Model Project was able to overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives.

Kick's consulting services helped the company to identify pain points and implement effective solutions, while provided a centralized platform for task management and communication.

Together, these solutions enabled the team to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and productivity and promote transparency across departments.

The partnership between Kick Consulting and Sports Model Project was a success story, as they joined forces to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the future.

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