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Hall and Melia

Hall & Melia Accountants is a mid-sized accounting firm based in Australia that provides arrange of accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses. The firm started using for basic KPI management, but how the platform could help them streamline their accounting processes and practice management.

Case Study

The Challenge

Prior to using, Hall & Melia faced several challenges managing theiraccounting practice. The team was using multiple software and spreadsheets to track clientprogress, budget, cash flow and employee KPIs. They were having difficulties trackingclient timelines, delegating tasks effectively, and ensuring team members were up-to-dateon the client progress. Additionally, other practice management tools they’ve tried lacked the flexibility andcustomisation needed to provide the detailed insights in a simple and visually appealingmanner. Their staff also found those tools not very user friendly. These challenges led to anoverall lack of efficiency in their practice management. On top of all that, the old tool they used didn't give them any control over data integrity, which meant they were constantly dealing with inaccurate information. That meant lots ofextra work to double-check and correct mistakes. It also made it hard to generate accuratereports and make smart decisions based on the data.

Our Solution

The firm reached out to Kick Consulting, specialists in accounting practices to help them achieve their goals. Kick Consulting worked with Hall & Melia Accountants toidentify the different ways in which could be used to automate theiraccounting processes, bring transparency and efficiency into business and consolidatetechnology.

The Results

With automations, Hall & Melia was able to streamline their accounting andbudgeting workflows, from BAS's to fringe benefits calculations and tax returns. Theplatform provided an overview of the business's financial health, which enabled themanagement to have a finger on the pulse and save tremendous time collating monthlybudgeting reports for the team. Through the use of, Hall & Melia was able to improve team collaboration andcommunication, gain greater visibility into their operations, and ultimately deliver highquality services to their clients more efficiently and effectively.


In conclusion, Kick Consulting's expertise in helped Hall & Melia Accountantsautomate their accounting processes and streamline their workflow. The monday.comboard allowed the team to manage their tasks more efficiently and provided an overview oftheir financial health. Management found the software easy to use, flexible and provided a better overview of thebusiness.

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