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May 2024

Exciting New Features in Monday Dev – May Update!

🚀 Burn Down Chart Filters: Now, zero in on the specific data you need with our new filtering options in burn down charts. Make your project tracking more precise and efficient.

🗣️ Board Discussions: Elevate your team's collaboration! Our new board discussions feature provides a dedicated space for high-level conversations and updates, all within Monday Dev. Post project-wide updates and enjoy the same great functionality from our updates section.

📧 Email Replies to Updates: We've made communication even smoother. You can now acknowledge and reply to updates directly from your email. Stay connected without even logging in!

📋 Work Forms Improvements: Customize your forms like never before! Drag and drop answers for single select and multi-select questions to rearrange them or hide individual responses. Plus, display these questions as classic drop-down menus or horizontal checkboxes. And for external-facing forms, our new people question allows non-account members to participate seamlessly.

April 2024

Discover the latest features and updates in Monday's sales CRM!

🔗 Track Email Link Clicks: Easily monitor engagement by tracking when and how often links in your emails are clicked. Stay informed and improve your outreach strategies.

📋 Synced Templates from WorkCanvas to We've added popular templates, from project kickoffs to marketing plans, that sync automatically with your account. This integration ensures your work stays organized and connected from the start. Talk about synergy!

📝 Dynamic Text from Items on WorkDocs: Save time by adding column values directly to WorkDocs on your boards. Just add a brace and select the column value to reference item names, number columns, or status labels. It's that simple!

March 2024

Explore the exciting new updates to the mobile app and more!

📱 Sleek New Mobile App: Our mobile app just got a fresh look! It's now easier than ever to manage your work on the go. Download it from the App Store on your phone or tablet today and experience the difference.

🔧 Unified Automations and Integration Center: We've combined automations and integrations into one unified location, making it simpler to enhance your workflow. Create custom automations, find the perfect recipe, and explore available app integrations all in one place. Plus, you can now filter for specific automations within the board automations menu.

📝 Monday WorkDocs Improvements: You can now mention and link to other docs within by typing a forward slash and searching for the doc you need. We've also added the ability to add captions to images—just select an image block, click "Show Caption," and you're all set. New options for creating custom layouts and tables within docs are available too, and you can navigate efficiently with keyboard arrows.

February 2024

Welcome to latest updates for February 2024!

🖥️ Say Hello to WorkCanvas: Introducing WorkCanvas, a collaborative digital whiteboard that syncs directly with Effortlessly plan, brainstorm, and visualize any project in one unlimited space. Check it out at

📝 Add Items from MyWork: You can now add new items directly from MyWork. Select the board, then add a task without leaving the context of your assigned work.

🔒 Open and Closed Workspace Permission: Enterprise admins can now control whether users can create open or closed workspaces. You can also set the default workspace type.

👥 New Workload Person Filter: The updated workload person filter allows you to easily filter by multiple users at once.

⏱️ Trending App of the Month - Trackit: Available in the apps marketplace, Trackit offers a flexible time tracking solution to record and log time on your existing items and sub-items.

January 2024

Discover the latest updates making more accessible and efficient than ever!

🌐 Enhanced Accessibility (2020-2024): We've improved keyboard accessibility on the homepage and the administration left pane. Keyboard navigation and screen reader functionality have been added to the account and workspace permission pages.

📊 MondayDB for Dashboards: Enjoy a snappier experience with dashboards running on MondayDB. Experience quicker load times for faster data-driven decision-making.

🔔 Automation Actions and Notifications: now displays a pop-up when an automation is triggered on your board, explaining what happened, which item was changed, by which automation, and to what board.

📈 Trending App of the Month - Smart Spreadsheet: Create and edit spreadsheets directly on with this powerful app. Import data from Monday boards, perform advanced calculations with Excel-like functions and formulas, apply conditional formatting, and export your spreadsheets for easy sharing.

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