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Why is your running slow? Making monday faster: Introducing mondayDB 1.0

Have you been noticing your lagging boards taking a long time to load looking at the spinning monday logo of death?’s performance is the most frequently raised concern we hear from our clients in 2023.

Behold! Introducting mondayDB 1.0! A revolutionary data infrastructure built to enhance your work operating system. This cutting-edge version has been designed to supercharge your productivity and streamline complex workflows. Get ready to experience a whole new level of speed and efficiency.

In simple words: mondayDB 1.0 will load boards with thousands of items at lightning speed. Have a look at this comparison:

mondayDB 1.0
Elena Korolkova, expert, shares comparison between older infrastructure & mondayDB 1.0

On the left, the older infrastructure struggles to load a board, while on the right, mondayDB effortlessly speeds things up. Even the most intricate workflows, from deal management to portfolio management, will now load at least five times faster. It's truly mind-blowing. We are stoked!

So, what's the timeline for the release? monday is rolling out DB 1.0 to all customers throughout spring (northern hemisphere) and autumn (southern hemisphere). You might already have it enabled without even realising it. Once it's activated on your account, get ready for a seamless and accelerated experience.

Here is the full release video.

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Last but not least, several clients have run into limitations on a number of items each board can hold (10k currently). In 2024, is planning to increase the items per board limit to 100K and items per dashboard to 500k! With limits going into millions in 2025. Whoa!

We can't wait to see how this groundbreaking technology transforms the way you work. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to harness the power of mondayDB like never before.


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