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Read Elena's article on automation in financial advice practices on "Medium": 


"It is imperative for wealth management businesses to streamline their advice processes and back office to become more efficient and reduce their operational slack to survive! After all, if robo-advice can, you can too!"

Elena was quoted in an article by HWB Accountants on starting and managing your own business: 


"Most owners and founder’s skillset leans towards sales and business development. We all tend to enjoy doing and prioritising the tasks we are good at; however, business operation and management are the most time-consuming and tedious tasks. My advice is to outsource what you don’t enjoy doing, otherwise, your business will start to chip away at your passion (the reason why you got into it).”

Elena shares her experience and knowledge with TeleCompare on how remote work can increase efficiency in the business.


"To allow for remote work, companies have to migrate to a KPI/Tasks-completed management style (most companies are still on the "hours-spent-in-front-of-the-computer" management style). Once management starts to evaluate each person's performance by how they complete their tasks, it allows staff to do those tasks on their own when they are most focused and driven. Currently, there is a lot of time wasted by making sure people in the office meet their 8 hours per day quota and go home."‍


Who should be working remotely in your business?

"Not every person is able to work remotely and be productive. I believe there is a certain type of personality that strives in the remote environment, someone who loves hitting targets and goals and  completing tasks" - Elena Korolkova